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Hi, my name is Daniel Pecorella and I am the Good Shoe Coach. I am also a Certified Orthotist and have provided orthotics for people with disabilities for 15 years.

In that time, I have learned that the number one issue for anyone wearing orthotics is how to fit them into footwear.

It often takes people multiple visits to multiple shoe stores and trying many different shoes before a good fit can be found. This is time consuming and frustrating! That's why my company Toronto Orthopedic created the Good Shoe Club, so that you can have easy access to shoes that fit orthotics. And with the Good Shoe Coach it is even easier and more convenient to ensure that your shoes fit comfortably because I offer you expert assistance and exclusive deals! 

You can choose between the GSC Personal Plan or the GSC Family Plan. Both coaching plans are value packed and guarantee you an easier and more comfortable footwear shopping experience. CLICK HERE to check out the GSC Plan Comparison Chart to help determine which plan is right for you! 

Or Learn More about each plan by clicking below.